Business Life in Şişecam

​​​​​We complement each other!

Common values are the fixed nature of all departments in Şişecam Group. Each employee in our Group follows a creative and free path open to development in his department. Our individual differences enables our​ unity.​​

Şişecam Job Family

Overall activities in parallel with Şişecam Group strategies in the whole process as conducting research and technology development activities, following innovation on glass sector and technologies and gaining to the Group, managing new product development process, determining oven designs, maintenances and quality development areas at the production plants and specifying required tests and analyses for sustainability of quality, managing all laboratories, domestic and abroad, innovation, intellectual property and patent applications, and information and documents within the Group.​
Information Technologies
Creating corporate application solution platforms for work needs of the users and offering to use, developing management information systems and reports, managing all information technologies infrastructure and system operations and constituting and controlling security systems take place within the scope of Information Technologies function.​
Human Resources and Industrial Relations
Considering the value we place on our employees above all, selecting, employing and providing orientation of the right human resource, talent management, developing and managing performance evaluation methods by making labor force planning in accordance with Şişecam Group strategies. Wage and fringe benefits management, training and development program are among the primary duties of human resources job family of the Group. Industrial Relations function includes carrying out relations with the unions, protecting the rights of the employee, managing disputes affecting business peace negatively, managing labor law suits and discipline processes, informing and coordination required for implementing occupational health and safety systems within the Group in general.​
Quality and Environmental Management

​​At Şişecam Group, we always offer applications satisfying our customers and society on quality assurance and environment subjects. We attach particular importance to determine strategies and systems and provide their functionality, follow and develop production quality activities, following national and international technical standards and enable compatibility and evaluating customer complaints in time and in compliance with the company procedures. We provide monitoring of environmental activities and taking the actions required to minimize environmental effect at our high quality production plants. Within this scope, our goal is always proving qualified labor force in compatible with the legislations relevant to environment.​

Corporate Development and Sustainability

​​In Corporate development and Sustainability, within the scope of job family, forming and putting into practice strategies and policies of the Group on organizational development, sustainability and productivity, designing processes in the Group in integrated and plain way, creating project portfolio and following its performance, constituting procedures, job descriptions and norm staff within the scope of operational model and building and maintaining main data management take place.​

Corporate Communication

​​Corporate communication is closely related with how our Group appears and what kind of policies it practices. It is interested in determining and applying the Group’s corporate communication strategy, corporate brand management, media relations management, management of communication and corporate events and sponsorships within the corporation. Management of social responsibility projects, management of external communication net throughout the Group and Communication activities on protecting and increasing Group reputation in crisis periods and emergency are within the scope of the corporate communication functions.​

Financial Affairs

​​Financial affairs include all duties at Şişecam Group from taking strategic decisions proper in terms of finance, performing financial planning and analysis studies, to managing effectively the operational activities related to budget, cash flow, finance, investment, tax, insurance management, and also creating and managing financial risk map of the Group, determining financial reporting policies, preparing financial information accurately and in time according to the internal regulations and legal legislations, coordinating capital markets and investor relations activities and to managing the process of informing shareholders, investors, analysts and other partners.​


Şişecam Group domestic and overseas market dynamics include details as determining and analyzing needs, constituting marketing and sales strategies, managing new and existing customer demands and preparing product portfolio according to the strategies and policies. Our sales strategies are the entire duties in the whole process from determining sale channels, determining brand and product strategies to increase availability and visibility in the market and sales of brands and products to the highest level, in-store positioning of brands and products to managing merchandising team.

Risk Management and Internal Audit

​​​It is intended to establish corporate structure, provide necessary assurance for the sharers, protect tangible and intangible assets and resources of the Group and environment, minimize losses arising from uncertainties and provide the maximum interest from possible opportunities at Şişecam Group within the scope of risk management and internal audit functions. Activities supporting decision making process, increasing management effectiveness and assisting to provide application union throughout the Group. Moreover, providing compliance of these activities with internal and external legislation and taking the regulating measures in time when necessary take place within the scope of this function.​

Strategic Planning

​​It includes all duties in the process from conducting corporate strategic management process in an integrated approach, constituting economic parameters which shall constitute base to strategic plans by performing evaluation studies for economic and sectoral expectations across Turkey and the World, developing new business fields according to the Group strategies, structuring all processes within the scope of investment projects and purchasing and mergers, conducting feasibility studies, and to following practicing performance of strategies and investment performances.​

Supply Chain Management

It includes all duties including supplying raw material of materials and products, determining basic principles and applications in purchasing, and management of material/product, financial source and information between the plant, supplier, distributor, retailer and customers in the whole value chain from production planning to stock management, from demand management to stock management from order planning to the delivery of the end product to provide customer satisfaction by offering qualified product at low cost according to Şişecam Group strategies.


​​It is constituted of all duties in the process of preparing and charging to the oven raw materials required for production in compliance with standards relevant to security, health, environment and quality assurance to realizing the production programs and renewing production methods and technologies for Şişecam Group to present qualified product diversity in time with qualified service in four main activity fields (Flat Glass, Glass Packaging, Glassware and Chemicals), starting from the customer-oriented understanding.​

Support Functions (Construction-Law)

​​It constitutes the scope of preparation process of all kinds of investment, expansion, repairing and maintenance works tenders related to construction works and the scope of process construction function after the tenders, from the beginning to the completion of the project at Şişecam Group. The scope of law function is constituted of works of legislation following, proactive legal consultancy and minimizing legal risks throughout the Group, determining standards and drafts used on the basis of the countries in relation with the activity fields and updating them, and representing the Group in jurisdiction processes.​