Our Group

​​​​Şişecam Group, established 81 years ago to meet basic glass products of our country, is a global player in real terms with its export to 150 countries and activities in 14 countries beyond being one of the most powerful industrial corporations of Turkey today.

Şişecam Group performing its production on Flat Glass, glassware, glass packaging and chemicals main sectors at 44 production plants with 19 plants within the country and 25 plants abroad with over 20 thousand employees makes approximately half of its sales abroad. Şişecam, being in the leader position in Turkey in all fields of glass and chemicals including soda chromium compounds, is among the important manufacturers of the World with its specialization degree and activities with high competition power.

Şişecam Group, getting into the World market first in the years of 1960’s in parallel ​​with the principle of “our market is the world” and entering into a rapid growing process by diversifying its activities as of 1970’s, has tended towards new markets in the years of 2000’s and started to transport its products to every corner of the World, from Latin America to Oceania, from North Europe to South Africa. The Group, increasing its international recognition and market share consistently, has entered into number of plant investments abroad to obtain the market diversity in production as it has obtained in sales. Withi​n this framework, Şişecam has evaluated investment opportunities in Asia, America, Africa and Eastern Europe and is still continuing to expand the priority of expanding production area.

​Since its establishment in 1935 by Iş Bank within the directives of Atatürk, Şişecam, acting with the strategy of creating value in its sector, is using cutting-edge technology and innovations, continuously developing its product and production processes with R&TD (Research and Technologic Development) investments and leading its sector with value added products.

Şişecam, combining its established experience with its ambitious vision, being as a Group adopting sustainable growth strategies, has adopted adding v​alue to all its sharers with an individual and environment conscious approach, shaping the future with products and services making life easier and sharing the wealth it has created as the main goals. Şişecam Group, increasing its brand awareness and market share consistently in the Global market, is aiming to take place among the first three of the World in its sector.

Along with Şişecam, the Group’s parent company, securities of Trakya Cam, Anadolu Cam, Denizli Cam and Soda Sanayii companies are also traded in Istanbul Stock Exchange Market.