​​Frequently Asked Questions
​May I add my CV I’ve prepared?
You may create your own profile page on Şişecamkariyerim and also, there are areas where you may attach your CV and certificates/documents, if any.
From where can I follow my applications and replies?
You may follow from your “My Applications” page after you log in your Şişecamkariyerim page.
How can I be informed about job opportunities suitable for me?
While creating your curriculum vitae, if you select the ad properties you’re interested in under the title “Job Messenger” and activate job messenger, you shall be informed via e-mail when ads you may be interested are published. When you deactivate Job Messenger, you do not receive information messages.
I haven’t received the link relevant to the tests requested to be completed for interview / I’ve experienced a technical problem while completing the test and I couldn’t complete, what should I do?
If you reply to the “şişecamkariyer” mail address the link is sent to you, our friends shall send you the new link as soon as possible. If a technical error is experienced, they’ll contact the related firm to solve the problem.
My score in English test is below the expected score, may I take the test again?
In case your score in English test is lower than the expected score for the position, your application for that position cannot be evaluated as positive. You may attend the test and participate our recruitment process after 6 months. If you have TOEFL or IELTS result and submit this information you may be exempted from the test if the score you’ve received is higher than the expected level.
May I make a job application before completing my military service?
Although completed military service is preferred in our entry level recruitments, at least 2 year postponed military service is also sufficient.
What is the reason for carrying out the first recruitment interview over Skype?
We try to adapt our recruitment systems and processes to show the maximum flexibility to our applicants applying to our recruitment process. Within this scope, we perform our first interviews over skype for including our applicants living in another city, abroad or who cannot come within working hours.
Do I receive a reply even if the process is negative?
Although our recruitment process takes quite a long time for employing the most proper candidate to the position, we definitely complete our positive/negative replies to all our candidates participating the process within 4 weeks.
I’ve missed the summer internship application period, may I deliver my application by hand?
Our summer term internship ads shall be published from October to March, you may make your application from there.
I wish to make my internship at Şişecam. Do you accept only the students having compulsory internships?
In summer term internships, we offer internship opportunity within the limits of quota to all our applicants who are in conformity with the criteria as mandatory or voluntary internship and are successful in evaluation process if the school meets SSI.
What kind of opportunities does Şişecam offer to its employees?
As Şişecam, we perform training and development activities of our employees within the structure of the academy. Within this scope, you may reach these information from the “Academy” title at our internet site.