Clues for CV and Interview

Why is CV Important and How should I Prepare It?

As Şişecam Group, we receive a great number of applications for Summer Term Internship and Long Term Project Internship Programs; accordingly, your CV is your first chance to leave a good impression and to distinguish.

Your education information should be filled completely to reflect that you’re suitable for the program and department you have applied for.

You may mention your experiences by writing your previous internships.

You may mention your roles in the student clubs you have taken part at the university.

You may mention your fields of interest.

Remember to check your telephone number and mail address, there are the only channels we may contact you!

Finally, be sure to control spelling mistakes.

You may prepare your CV both in Turkish and English.

A cover letter which is not too long shall be helpful for you to explain your goals.

Interview Clues

Preparing for Interview…

It shall be useful to know the company you shall go for interview and read the activity reports, if any.

Making preliminary preparation about the department and position you shall interview for shall provide convenience for accurate evaluation.

Determining the address you shall go for interview and the route previously shall be helpful for time management.

Interview Day…

Being at the interview address 10 minutes before the appointment shall be sufficient.

Your dress being tidy and clean rather than formal is important for the first impression.

During Interview…

As Şişecam Group, we apply Competency based interview technique in our recruitment interviews; therefore, the questions we’ll ask shall be related to your experiences.

Giving Examples

You may give examples based on your experiences according to the information wanted in the question. These experiences may be from your previous internships, homework from your lessons, group studies or club activities. Your answers should be clear, explanatory and related to the question.

Being Yourself

It makes no sense to tell things which do not reflect you but you believe it is necessary to be told or without knowing during the interview. Just be yourself and answer frankly because these questions do not have either correct or incorrect answers.


If you don’t understand the question, you may request to repeat it. Do not hurry to answer and do not get stressed for the short silence period while you’re thinking your answer.

If you’re in a group interview, try to transmit your ideas correctly and intend to make contributions to the discussions with these opinions. Use the time correctly and effectively, make the opposite party feel that you care for team cohesion.

After Interview…

It may take time to evaluate the relevant positions; however, we absolutely give feedback to all applicants, either positive or negative, and inform them.