Compensation and Benefits

​​Performance Management System

According to Şişecam’s goal oriented structure, the performance of employees’ is measured by an annual systematic method. Performance management system implemented in order to reward the employees’ success propotionally for their adding value to Şişecam as well as in order to do the proper planning of their career development.

Measuring and evaluating our employees’ who compete internationally and add value to work high performance is an important element for our company’s culture.

Compensation and Benefits ​System​

  • As Şişecam Group,
  • We offer annual total earning packages which are up to date to competitive salary market and set to fair corporate policies.
  • We design performance based compensation, salary adjustment & promotion processes and bonus systems.
  • We design generious Fringe Benefits packages and offer a chance to choose our employees’ as they wish by our flexible benefits system.
  • We reward the ideas which are added value and compatible with Şişecam group strategies and goals by our idea development system.
  • We appreciate our employees’ for their examplery behaviours and success and also remember their special days.
  • We reward the projects which have a positive effect for business process and make a difference to develop in our ‘Stars Parade’ reward ceremony.
  • We apply flexible working hours to provide our employees’ work/life time balance.
  • We offer annual leave longer than legal annual leave period. Employees’ working 1-5 years have 21 days and more than 5 years have 27 days annual leave.
  • We provide our employees’ Private Pension Plan contribution whom involved in Private Pension System.
  • We offer all our white collar employees’ inpatient health insurance. By our flexible benefits system employees’ may choose alternative health insurance packages for them and their families by their social contribution budget.
  • We offer Complementary Health Insurance to our blue collar employees’.
  • We offer life insurance to our Manager and above employees’ and other employees’ have a chance to purchase Life Insurance from their social contribution budget.