Job Opportunities Abroad

​Job Opportunities Abroad

Take Global Job Opportunities with Şişecam Group!

Roads that lead to all basic business fields relevant to glass and to globalization pass through Şişecam Group. Our projects we have accomplished, working methods and our stability since our establishment have enabled us to be among the long-established companies of Turkey. Our Group today is a global player in all basic fields of glass as Flat Glass, Glassware, Glass Packaging and Chemicals and in business branches including soda and chromium chemicals.

Our journey starting in 1935 in Turkey is now continuing in 14 countries, Germany, United States of America (USA), Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Russian Federation, Georgia, Ukraine, Egypt and India. Number of our production plants is increasing every passing year. We’re continuing to be the leader in our field with 43 developed plants in 14 different countries.

It is important for us to have our employees continue their personal developments and take the career opportunities they shall gain global experiences in our Group. The employees from Turkey may be assigned as an expat in the foreign countries we carry on business according to the employee requirements and we provide the employees the opportunity to experience global career opportunities in our plants in different countries.