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Campus Activities and Internship Programs

​We build the future of Şişecam together with young talent through our Internship Programs.

Summer Internship Program: "First Step"
Our internship program "First Step" aims to ensure that university students have an excellent internship experience in their career journey. Via "First Step," we share our knowledge and experience with the interns and support them from day one of their professional careers. We also include the most successful summer-term interns in "Together," our young talent program, and our new graduate recruitment processes.
Third- and fourth-year students are eligible to apply for our summer internship program "First Step." Şişecam interns can do their internship at our headquarters, production plants, or R&D centers.
Applications are received in March.
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Young Talent Program: "Together"
​"Together," our young talent program, is designed for university seniors, master's students and PhD candidates. The "Together" program enables students to: gain work experience by engaging in long-term part-time projects at our headquarters units, production plants, or R&D centers; prepare for professional life via training and development opportunities; enjoy internship opportunities at Şişecam's production facilities based in 14 countries; and access the opportunity to embark on their professional career at Şişecam upon successful completion of their internship.
Applications for the program are accepted in September and October.
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Internship Opportunities Abroad
​Şişecam provides university students with internship opportunities abroad through the Erasmus+ Internship Exchange Program. Applications are accepted periodically to offer a unique internship experience abroad in addition to cultural enrichment.
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Campus Activities
​We organize campus events and activities throughout the year to reach out to young people and share our experience with them while creating together and inspiring each other. We value young people's development and strive to prepare them for professional life in the best way.
Contact for partnerships:
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