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Diversity and Inclusion

Şişecam aims to disseminate an inclusive corporate culture across all of its business operations and geographies. We are committed to offering equal opportunities for everyone and respecting the differences of our employees. The value Şişecam places on employee diversity is a key factor behind its global success. The Diversity and Inclusion Work Group operates under the Şişecam Sustainability Committee for this purpose. The Work Group undertakes activities to disseminate an inclusive corporate culture across Şişecam's entire operations and value chain.


Women-Friendly Plant
Activities undertaken with a primary focus on gender equality are centered on boosting the rate of female employees by 30% at all levels of the organization. The Women-Friendly Plant Project was implemented to enable and bolster women's participation in the workforce at Şişecam. As part of the initiative, an end-to-end evaluation was performed to address the employment and talent retention processes. Target employment rates were adopted to boost the number of female employees working in Şişecam production facilities. Efforts to improve physical working conditions at the plants commenced. Cooperations were also established with occupational institutions and universities.
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Supporting Women's Participation in Business
Our activities and projects focused on eliminating the obstacles associated with gender inequality that affect women's participation in business are ongoing. "Use Gender-Inclusive Language and Do Not Discriminate" and "The Power of Purple Embraces Everyone on March 8" campaigns were carried out to raise awareness on this key issue.
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