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​If you give your explicit consent to share your personal information via our website, you agree to this privacy policy and conditions thereof. The Şişecam website does not collect any personal data from visits, other than information shared with consent.

Şişecam exercises due care to protect the confidentiality of personal data of users. Necessary steps are taken to ensure the security of your personal data. Required audits are regularly scheduled and performed to ensure proper adherence to this law and its provisions. As per our privacy policy, personal data (e.g. name, e-mail address, office or home address, phone number, etc.) provided by users to the Şişecam website shall not be disclosed, sold, leased, or provided for use in other means, to third parties. Your information is subject to restricted access internally in order to prevent unauthorized access to, modification, or misuse of the information. In addition, Şişecam employees and organizations that we work with are obliged to comply with our Privacy Policy.

These privacy provisions shall not be applicable on external websites you may access via the links on our website. Therefore, you are advised to review the privacy approaches of the websites that you access before disclosing your personal data. You are also advised to avoid disclosing your personal information to anyone for your security in the event that our website has fields where you need to set a user account and password.

Personal data that you share with your explicit consent is used for the following purposes:

  • Evaluating your requests and complaints
  • Improving and supplying products and services requested by users or eliminating any issues associated with the services and tools provided
  • Notifying users and updating them about campaigns
  • Determining user profiles for use at Şişecam
  • Delivering purchased goods and/or rewardsEvaluating job applications as part of the recruitment process

Şişecam holds the right to disclose/share user information only if:

  • The company has received user consent to disclose any personal data
  • It is required pursuant to a court order, administrative agency request, or legal procedure
  • It is processed for the purpose of official statistics as well as for research, planning, and statistical purposes provided that the relevant information is anonymized
  • Personal data is processed as part of preventive, protective, or intelligence activities carried out by public institutions and organizations duly authorized and assigned to maintain national defense, national security, public security, public order, or economic security.

Pursuant to personal rights, individuals can file an information request with Şişecam for the following purposes:

  • To discover whether their personal data is used and if it is, to learn the purposes of use
  • To request the correction of missing or incorrect information
  • To request the deletion of personal data
  • To learn about domestic and international third parties that their personal data is transferred to
  • To request compensation for any damages that may be incurred due to the processing of personal data