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Language Development

English Language Development Program
Pursuant to the global adaptation strategy, the English Language Development Program was launched to support Şişecam employees and eliminate any potential language barrier in their career path. Employees are supported with a hybrid method via the program that was launched in Turkey and globally. This hybrid method enables the alignment of the in-class curriculum with the digital training platform. This approach helps participants reinforce topics they learned in in-person classes on the digital training platform. In addition, the platform ensures that participants have the opportunity to practice English with native instructors. Participants complete the parts that they may individually miss on the digital training platform.
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Russian Language Development Program
The Russian Language Development Program is offered in line with Şişecam's global adaptation strategy. The program initially started with the beginner level in 2021, consisting of 120 hours of in-class training. It will also continue to be offered in 2022. Employees will be supported for pre-intermediate, and intermediate levels, if needed.
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