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Our privileges;

Glass will be smarter, stronger, more flexible, and uniquely different in the future. As one of humanity's most important inventions, glass will be indispensable for people's lives in its various future forms. Şişecam of the Future will steer, shape, and pioneer this change as a global player. Join us to be a part of this unrivaled experience and build Şişecam of the Future together!

Global Young Talent Program "Together"

Embark on your career with the most extensive long-term internship program "Together," Şişecam's young talent program!

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Summer Internship Program "First Step"

Kick start your career with our summer internship program!

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Our sustainabillty approach

Learn everything about CareforNext, Şişecam’s sustainability approach.

R&D and Innovation at Şişecam

Learn more about our R&TD activities.

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