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Şişecam Flex: Flexible Vested Rights
We care about our employees’ rights!
Purpose of our Compensation and Benefits policy is providing our employees’ rights in compliance with the market.​
Job Opportunities Abroad
Take Global Job Opportunities with Şişecam Group!
Roads that lead to all basic business fields relevant to glass and to globalization pass through Şişecam Group.
Career Stories
Elif Yelseli
Strategy Assistant Specialist​
Helin Kazan
Şişecam Academy
​Learning and Development Assistant Specialist
Ozan Özalp
Glass Packaging Group
​Design Directorate Project Intern
Toprak Ayaz

Vacuum Coating Technologies R&D Project Intern​​

Ezgi Deniz Biçer

Surface Technologies R&D Assistant Researcher​

Arda Eroğlu
Flatglass Group
​Demand Planning Manager
İsmail Çalışkan

 Bursa Yenişehir Flat Glass Plant Management Engineer​
Ezgi Deniz Biçer
 Surface Technologies R&D Assistant Researcher​
Çiğdem Oğuz Aslan
 Bursa Yenişehir Glass Packaging Plant Production Planning Engineer​
Bülent Aydın
Glass Packaging Group
Planning Director​​
Görkem Elverici
Selma Öner
Flatglass Group
Supply Chain Direc​tor
Kadir Ballı
 Bursa Yenişehir Glass Packing Plant Manager​
Cansu Altan
 Glass Fiber Plant Quality Manager​
News From Us
  • Glass Packaging is Healthy
    Şişecam Glass Packaging Group has hosted the conference, “Glass Packaging is Healthy” where importance of glass packaging usage is emphasized in terms of primarily human health, and both environment and economy. The conference is held by the attendance of Adeline Farrelly, Secretary-General of European Federation of Glass Packaging and Glass Tableware Makers (FEVE) and Prof. Dr. Dieter Schrenk, one of the leading scientists of Europe in the field of food chemistry and technology, and the Chef Refika Birgül. ​
  • Supporting Recycling with "Glass Forever"
    Recycle ratio in glass packaging has risen to 17% with an increase of 9% with the awareness and recycling consciousness increasing with the “Glass Again Glass” project Şişecam Glass Packaging Group has started in 2011 in Sustainability field.