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Our Functional Business Schools

Development activities are undertaken to continuously support the development of Şişecam employees and stakeholders in its ecosystem. These efforts are aimed at contributing to Şişecam's corporate goals, expanding human resources competencies, and enhancing employee engagement. School programs are designed around roles and competencies arising from the new organizational structure, which aims to support the emerging operational models as part of the Şişecam Global Transformation Project. The school programs are designed according to the proficiency level of respective participants. Curriculums are based on Şişecam's core corporate competencies and strategies. Various curriculums are offered under different schools. The schools are categorized as follows: Human Resources School, Finance School, Glass Technologies School, Supply Chain School, Sales and Marketing School. In addition, Şişecam offers the Procurement Certificate Program, and IT Technologies Certificate Program. Programs are designed in a hybrid format and include training methods differentiated with the contributions of development partners, such as expert internal trainers, universities, consultants, and corporate leaders. The hybrid format involves the use of different tools, such as basic studies, homework and project assignments, remote learning, in-class training, and workshops. We also conduct measurement and follow-up activities for each program.